Toddlers (24 months - 36 months)

Our year-round program for the 2 year old child offers a unique year of self-development in a home-like setting that nurtures the spirit while encouraging growth and independence.

Our toddler, Montessori guide, is trained and specializes (in needs related to this age group) such as autonomy, separation and toilet training. Through close cooperation between home and school, toddlers are gradually able to separate from their parents. The Montessori-trained guide supports the child’s natural development by placing focus on the encouragement of independence. Through these interactions, toddlers begin to form their character, self-esteem, purpose of life, social and emotional skills, and learning processes.

The toddler classroom focuses on practical life exercises, activities for sensorimotor, language development and experiences in art and sciences. The classroom is designed so that they are able to choose and move about, independently. Montessori materials and activities help toddlers to begin experiencing the concepts of sequence, form, shape, movement and sound. The materials and activities change and evolve as the child grows physically, emotionally, and intellectually.